The Mainspring Journey

The Mainspring family was created by many years of hard work and we have formed something we think is truly special. Through strategic partnerships and expanded growth, we now have the ability to help our clients in the most comprehensive way possible. Here are some of the many milestones and highlights that led us to where we are today.


    Financial Advisor Caroline Alabach joins Mainspring Wealth Advisors as we open a new branch in the Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle.

  • Mainspring Today

    First Financial and Mainspring merger is official.

  • April – Negotiations begin to merge

    Negotiations begin to merge First Financial and Mainspring Wealth Advisors.

    January – Mainspring Update

    We now have three offices, eleven advisors, and 10 support staff.

  • December – Robert and Kiyoko retire

    Robert and Kiyoko achieve their retirement dream.

    January – Mainspring + Robert Taylor in Langley, WA

    Mainspring merges with Robert Taylor’s office in Langley, WA.

  • Fall – Mainspring + Robert Taylor

    Negotiations heat up on an acquisition of Robert Taylor’s office by Mainspring to allow Robert and Kiyoko to pursue their retirement dream.

    July – Mainspring + Cox Financial

    Cox Financial and Mainspring merger is official. The firm will gradually move to the Mainspring Wealth Advisors’ brand.

    May – Mainspring Meets Robert Taylor

    Chuck Cox introduces Robert Taylor to Mainspring team over dinner at National Conference in Washington, D.C.

    September – Mainspring Meets Carolyn Christoferson

    Carolyn meets Kevin, Jeremy and Brian for first time at conference in Carmel, CA.

  • Fall – Preliminary Negotiations with Cox Financial

    Brian, Kevin, and Jeremy begin preliminary negotiations with Chuck Cox on what a potential partnership might look like.

    August – Mainspring Wealth Advisors Opens Doors

    Kevin, Jeremy, Ed, Tyrel, Brent and Kelli leave MetLife and open doors to Mainspring Wealth Advisors with Raymond James.

  • Birth of an Idea

    Kevin, Jeremy, Brent Soloway, Ed Bradley, and Tyrel Lacey begin process of due diligence to leave MetLife and start a new wealth management firm called Mainspring Wealth Advisors.

  • Carolyn Christoferson

    Carolyn starts her company “First Financial Advisory Group, LLC”.

  • Brian Frederick joins Cox Financial

    Brian Frederick leaves MetLife and joins Chuck Cox at Cox Financial.

  • Mainspring Partners Connect

    Kevin, Jeremy, and Brian start financial careers at The Financial Planning Division of MetLife within six months of each other.

  • Chuck Cox + Raymond james

    Chuck Cox leaves bank and starts his own office with Raymond James in Burien.

  • Robert taylor + Raymond James

    Robert Taylor leaves bank and starts his own office with Raymond James in Langley.

  • Robert Taylor

    Robert meets Chuck Cox for the first time and professional friendship develops.

    Carolyn Christoferson

    Carolyn leaves the brokerage world and goes independent.

  • Carolyn Christoferson

    Carolyn Christoferson begins career in Financial Services industry.

  • Chuck Cox

    Chuck Cox starts in the financial industry.