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Bellevue Location

How do you play the role of a mainspring in our clients’ lives?

I support financial advisors by designing and reviewing financial plans that are customized to meet clients’ individual goals and requirements. These plans are the basic framework for financial advice to clients and enables financial advisors to highly personalize client service.

What drives you?

Providing clients with the knowledge, resources and options to help them make decisions that will enable them to have a financially-secure retirement is what drives me. It is always satisfying to know that a client walked away from a meeting with a financial advisor equipped with knowledge and resources to pursue their financial goals.

How do you spend time outside of work?

Outside of work I have varied interests which range from traveling, trying out new cuisines, meeting new people and listening to good music, to name a few. My husband and daughter share most of these interests and engaging in these activities as a family helps bring us closer through shared time and experiences.