The investment philosophy that guides our choices

The professionals at Mainspring Wealth Advisors are held to an investment philosophy that clearly puts client interests first. This ensures all investment recommendations are based on clearly defined goals and comfort level with risk, and that every client will receive the same high level of care, consideration and service.

Long-term, comprehensive focus
Risk adjusted returns
Low expenses
Low Turnover
Tax efficient


Our professionals work for you – not a company – enabling them to make investment recommendations with objectivity.


The majority of investments we use are liquid every day and can be reviewed on any major financial website.

Long-term, comprehensive focus:

Your portfolio will be built based on your personal benchmark, not the S&P 500. We are not traders and do not make decisions based on fear or emotion. Rather, we will focus on what your portfolio will enable you to do from a lifestyle and legacy perspective and not exclusively on rates of return.

Risk adjusted returns:

We believe the level of risk you are willing to assume should return an equal reward. We generally look to protect the downside and minimize volatility.

Low expenses:

We believe lower is generally better but we will also focus on finding the investments with top returns net of fees.

Low Turnover:

We prefer investment managers who have conviction in their holdings – who don't buy and sell too often – to help achieve lower fees and taxes.

Tax efficient:

Our goal is to maximize after-tax returns in non-qualified accounts. That is why we prefer funds with lower turnover and capital gain distributions. We also use tax-loss harvesting throughout the year to minimize taxes long term.

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