Remembering Our Friend and Colleague Tia Sanidad

By Kevin Skogen, CFP®, ChFC®
Chief Executive Officer, MWA LLC

Tia Sanidad represented a number of firsts for many of us at Mainspring. She was the first one to hire Jeremy, Ed, and myself at Metlife and gave us our first ‘real’ jobs in the industry. Tia was also responsible for introducing me to my wife Jennifer, having also hired her at Metlife many years ago. You could say I owe my career and family to Tia. 

Tia was also the first person we wanted to hire when we started Mainspring eight years ago. To say she was good at her job is an understatement, but it was so much more than that. When Tia agreed to join our team 6 years ago, it provided validation, that the business we were growing was something someone with Tia’s stature wanted to be a part of. We all thought, ‘if Tia wants to come work with us, we really must have something.’ At the time, I know she had offers from other firms that paid more or had more attractive benefits. But she chose us, and for that we are forever grateful.

Tia was also the first person we have lost. Tia passed away due to complications from cancer on June 25th, and her loss is immeasurable. Tia was the most fiercely loyal friend and colleague and she sat by us during some of the most challenging times and always championed us to push forward. The pain we all feel is palpable and there are some days I wonder if we can do all of this without her. And yet the days continue to pass and I’m reminded that Tia wouldn’t want us to sit idly by-- she was always the one cheering from the sidelines and choosing us when she showed up to work every day. So instead, I like to think of what I can do to honor Tia’s memory and keep her legacy alive at Mainspring. Three things come to mind: family first, fierce loyalty and infectious laughter.  I might not always get all three right, or even in that order, but I owe so much to Tia so at the very least, I owe it to her to try.