May 21, 2016

As part of our ongoing effort to engage in community outreach, the Mainspring team, along with several friends and valued clients, eagerly participated in the festive Relay For Life of Bellevue event at Newport High School for the second consecutive year. It was not a difficult decision to make, as almost every staff member has been touched in one way or another by the devastating monster – known as cancer.

Despite the dismal weather, we rallied on the track at 10 am to join in the Opening Ceremonies, led by D.J. Drollinger, a cancer volunteer donating his entire birthday to this worthy cause (and sporting purple camouflage pants). Randy Thurman, Executive Director with Azteca Restaurants, captivated the crowd with his personal and moving story of surviving bone cancer in 1982, and highlighting the incredible advancements that have been made in cancer research over the last century.

The energy then shifted to honoring the courageous Cancer Survivors, and while they walked their victory lap, led by our own Tia Sanidad, the crowd gathered in front of the home bleachers to form a human tunnel and applaud their brave spirit and successful outcome. Each survivor, after progressing through the hugs, high-fives, and gleeful cheering, was adorned with a thick, purple ribbon and medal engraved with the commemorative date of the event, presented by a Fred Hutchinson cancer physician.

The upbeat day continued with an impressive live youth band, family games, trendy DJ music, and free concession booth products (proudly donated by Pepsi).

The Closing Ceremonies, held at dusk, were an emotional and riveting tribute to those who have lost their lives to this devastating disease. Personalized luminaries lined the track, and as people walked by and read the loving messages, you could feel the connection they had to their families and caregivers. A Bellevue High School student, Nishi Jain, delivered a descriptive and touching account of her dear childhood friend who lost her life to brain cancer. It was a perfect close to remind us why we were all there – to make sure that we each are doing everything we can in the fight against cancer so that no child ever has to lose a best friend the way that she did.

In the end, and when all matching gifts and sponsorship dollars are collected, the event will have raised over $50,000. It’s good to know that these funds go directly to our community to provide transportation, lodging, feel-good consultations (wigs and make-up), research for those who are battling cancer, and those who may face a diagnosis in the future.

Mainspring is honored to partner with the American Cancer Society and experience first-hand the feel-good vibe that comes from our volunteering efforts. Thank you to those that engaged with us on the track at Newport High School, and for the generous online donations that were made on our Team’s behalf. We are grateful for your support of the Relay For Life movement. Because of you, the American Cancer Society is able to make an impact on so many lives – especially those who may avoid a diagnosis altogether thanks to education, prevention, and early detection.

Kristen Lomax
Director of Client Experience, Marketing Manager