August 28, 2015

Brian Frederick, one of Mainspring’s partners based out of our affiliated firm, Cox Financial, recently helped put on the 7th Annual Rotary Golf Tournament benefitting the YMCA. Here are his thoughts…

In early August, we hosted the 7th Annual Rotary Golf Tournament to support the Matt Griffin YMCA. Subsequent to the event, we were basking in the glow of executing another great charity event and very fun day, and recognizing that all the planning, time and effort that went into making this event a success was so worthwhile. Just like a lot of things that take a lot of energy, they are worth doing in the end, and that is reward enough.

Three Rotary Clubs were initially brought together to help spearhead the fundraising that would finance the Matt Griffin YMCA. They were instrumental in making the YMCA a reality and now a cemented fixture in the airport community. You hear us say “it is for the kids,” but the reality is that this nonprofit does so much more that impacts the community, and we like to think that we had a small part in helping them accomplish their mission.

When Chuck Cox and I originally thought about creating this tournament as a way to channel the resources of three Rotary Clubs, we had hoped that we could grow the event and use it as a way to help the changing needs of our community. Indeed the tournament has grown, and so has our company. Mainspring Wealth Advisors partnered up with my Burien office in July 2014, and it has been exciting to watch us find new ways to impact the local community in areas that go beyond financial planning. Eastside Pathways, Relay for Life and the charity golf tournament are just three examples of what we are doing to give back. I appreciate the responsibility and commitment that we have as a company to support the area around us, and grow and change for the better. I know that I want to live and work in a vibrant community, and this is just one example of how the cultures of Mainspring Wealth Advisors and Cox Financial have synched together in a very positive way. It has been an exciting first year and I look forward to seeing all that we can accomplish in the future.

As we complete our commitment to paying off the debt of the Matt Griffin YMCA, we are looking for ways to continue the legacy of the charity golf tournament. We have been fortunate to have always had good weather in August, we have learned and improved every year, and the positive feedback continues to bring a smile to my face. What will we do for an encore? We are not sure, but we have some good ideas that we are researching. We invite you to participate with us next year and experience first hand some fun in the sun golfing, all while knowing your participation is going a long way to helping our community improve.

I want to thank all of those who participated and helped sponsor the event, and especially our diligent staff that worked hard that day and gave countless hours in the planning and preparation for this annual function. While we closed our offices for a day, I felt good knowing the impact will last much longer. I have heard several success stories from the Y, and even have some from my childhood, as well, that can speak to the Y as a very valuable addition to our community.

As our firm has grown, so has our reach, and we would hope that we can help bring people, organizations and communities together in a meaningful way. If you have ideas on how we can continue to impact the area around us, please let us know and perhaps we can partner together to bring even more positive change.

Brian Frederick, CFP®Financial PlannerCox Financial, a Mainspring Wealth Advisors CompanyRaymond James is not affiliated with Matt Griffin YMCA.