Caroline Alabach
Financial Planner
How do you play the role of a mainspring in our clients’ lives?

I want to be central in my clients’ financial lives. I work with my clients to identify and quantify their financial goals. Then we can put a plan in place to achieve these goals, monitoring and modifying along the way.

What drives you?

Having 31 plus years of experience in the financial services industry gives me great confidence in guiding and sharing my perspective with my clients. My happiest days in the office are the days my clients retire from their lifelong careers confident in the fact that they are financially ready. Hearing a client say “I feel so much better after we talked” makes me want to get up the next day and go to the office. I learn so much about life and relationships from my clients.

How do you spend time outside of work?

I enjoy traveling, whether it brings me to wine country in California, sailing around Seattle or the San Juans, the coast of Italy or the moors of Scotland. Walking, gardening and Pilates give my life balance and relieve stress. My life will become whole again in the spring of 2019 as I am anticipating the arrival of a dachshund puppy. I have gained a lot of knowledge and find it to be a very rewarding experience being on the board of Columbia Lutheran Home, a non-profit nursing home in the Phinney Ridge neighborhood.

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