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From the Mainspring Wealth Advisors team
ASSESSING SUCCESSFUL PORTFOLIO RETURNS – Submitted by Brent Soloway, ChFC®, 4/25/18

While discussing portfolio performance with clients for the last 28 years, I continue to be fascinated by their views on what’s doing well and what is a “good return” on their investments. During our first meeting… Read More

IT’S NOT ABOUT THE MONEY – Submitted by Heather Pearson, Associate Financial Planner, 4/24/18

What is it about money that can make us feel so vulnerable? People will talk about many other taboo topics before they are ever willing to open up… Read More

“OH BOY, HERE WE GO AGAIN” … OR NOT? – Submitted by Brian Frederick, CFP®, CIMA®, 2/15/18

With the recent market moves down finally giving us the correction that has been long in coming, we are starting to remember the pain from the Financial Crisis or the Great Recession. Even hearing those… Read More

End of 2017 Mainspring Wealth Advisors Update – Submitted by Jeremy Taylor, CFP®, ChFC®, 1/30/18

2017 was another banner year for Mainspring. While it was also one of the calmest market years on record, we have continued to grow our team and our capabilities to help our clients reach and maintain financial independence. A few highlights… Read More

NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS? HERE’S TO A GREAT 2018! – Submitted by Brian Frederick, CFP®, CIMA®, 1/10/18

Nearly half of all Americans make a New Year’s resolution. Did you make one? Read More

BEWARE OF HOLIDAY SHOPPING SCAMS – Submitted by Linda Carleton, Client Services Support, 11/22/17

If you are one of the many people shopping online this holiday season, please take note of these reminders to help protect yourself from holiday scams:Read More

THINGS WE CAN BE THANKFUL FOR THIS YEAR – Article provided by Jeremy Taylor, CFP®, ChFC®, 11/15/17

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times. My wife and I each have large extended families, so we get a chance to see over fifty people and eat two gigantic feasts.Read More

FINDING PEACE AFTER THE EXIT FROM YOUR BUSINESS – Article provided by Brent Soloway, ChFC®, 11/01/17

Selling (or gifting) the closely-held business you’ve built over many years, or even decades, is a daunting task. But for many entrepreneurs, the biggest challenge is not finding the right buyer, or selling for the highest price. Rather, it’s the dawning of a “new life” where you are no longer “A Business Owner”.Read More

TRICK OR TREAT! FUN AND HISTORICAL FACTS ABOUT HALLOWEEN – Article provided by Linda Carleton, 10/30/17

At Mainspring Wealth Advisors, one of our core values is “Fun”. We believe that we make the biggest impact on the lives of our fellow associates as well as our clients when we include fun in our daily lives.Read More

HOW SECURE IS YOUR DATA? – Article provided by Brian Frederick, 9/14/17

The recent Equifax data breach has most Americans thinking about the security of their personal information – well, maybe not the residents of Houston and Florida, but most of us. Read More

MAINSPRING'S 4TH ANNIVERSARY – Article provided by Edward Bradley, 8/10/17

We are excited to be celebrating our 4th anniversary this week. Time sure flies! This has caused us to reflect on where we started, how much has changed, and how much has remained constant. Read More

GROW BY DESIGN, NOT BY DEFAULT – Article provided by Brian Frederick, CFP®, CIMA®, 5/31/17

Mainspring Wealth Advisors was honored to be asked to address more than 3,000 industry professionals at Raymond James' national professional-development conference held in April. A presentation by Jeremy Taylor (CFP®, ChFC®, President, Mainspring Wealth Advisors), Kevin Skogen CFP®, ChFC®, CEO, Mainspring Wealth Advisors) and Brian Frederick (CFP®, CIMA® , Partner, Mainspring Wealth Advisors) focused on the strategies Mainspring employs to generate growth in a purposeful way – by building a company with an identity. Read More

CAROLYN CHRISTOFERSON JOINS THE MAINSPRING TEAM – Article provided by Edward Bradley, 2/27/17

We are excited to share the news that Carolyn Christoferson, a Raymond James financial advisor in Everett, has joined Mainspring Wealth Advisors. Having met Carolyn at a Raymond James conference a few years ago, she identified the Mainspring team as sharing the same level of commitment and dedication to client-centric advice and selected us to enhance the financial planning and investment management services she provides her clients. Read More

THE 2016 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION AND THE STOCK MARKET – Article provided by Brent Soloway, ChFC®, Financial Planner, 10/13/16

There appears to be concern among many Americans about what would happen to the stock market in the event of a Clinton or Trump presidency. I have had clients request that their money be removed from the stock market until the election is over and there is time to see what is going to happen.Read More

RAKING THE LEAVES – SOMEONE HAS TO DO IT – Article provided by Devin Loughlin, 9/21/16

We have reached the end of summer and the feeling of fall has started to sink in. School has started, football has kicked off, and we’re starting to see the leaves change color. Soon, they will be falling into our yards for us to rake. Falling leaves signify that winter is coming and we must make sure our homes are ready to handle the cold winter months.Read More

RETIREMENT IS MORE THAN JUST ABOUT MONEY – Article provided by Brent Soloway, 8/1/16

Having worked with closely held business owners for over 25 years, I have had many discussions concerning life after business. Most of these people have owned and run their businesses for many decades. My experience has revealed that when retiring, I believe they need to consider three key issues; time, money and purpose.Read More


Founded in 1962 by five mothers of children with special needs, today Kindering is the largest early intervention center in Washington State, serving over 1/3 of children with special needs in King County alone. Each year nearly 4,000 infants and children with special needs and their families come to Kindering for critical physical & occupational therapy, speech-language therapy, feeding therapy, special education and other early intervention programming aimed at helping children with special needs reach developmental milestones.Read More


Earlier this year, all employees of Mainspring Wealth Advisors joined together to further develop and clarify our corporate culture and identify our seven core values. It was a fun exercise, and was a vital step in uniting three very similar - but still different - offices together with similar vision and mindset. I have witnessed many of these values play out in many different areas.Read More

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