Anna Shea
Associate Financial Planner
How do you play the role of a mainspring in our clients’ lives?

Being the first point of contact for clients in our Everett office, and being the newest member to the Everett team, I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of learning all I can to help bring the best service to our clients. Having the ability to help with a clients’ needs, providing them with suitable and timely resources, is my daily goal.

What drives you?

The client relationship, pure and simple! Getting to know someone’s goals and desires for life, and being a part of their financial decisions, is a great honor. I find much enjoyment in learning about the ever-changing landscape of the investment world, but it is finding ways it all fits into, and helps enhance, our clients’ lives that motivates me.

How do you spend time outside of work?

Outside of work my dog, Oliver, becomes my sidekick. We like to escape into the mountains or out to the ocean, anything that keeps us active! I have a great group of friends who never cease in wanting to try new things such as attending local community events, trying out new restaurants and traveling to warmer weather locales. Additionally, every other week I am blessed to spend an evening with the local Girl Scout troop I helped form in my neighborhood.

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